Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do It Yourself, or NOT!

It's been almost four years with my locs, and I have been contemplating learning how to re-tighten my own hair. The only problem is, I HAVE NO PATIENCE! I don't even like sitting in the chair when someone else is doing my hair, how will I survive the task of doing it myself?. I'm beseeching all of you who maintains your own locs to provide me with more information.

Does it take a long time?

Is the technique difficult to master?

Do you still maintain appointments with your loctician?

Any input is greatly appreciated. :)


Khandi said...

I have recently learnt to maintain my locs myself. I found it really easy to learn to do it and would recommend it. I do find tht it takes awhile but i expected that with SL. Also I know it takes longer at the start as you're just learning but after you get used to it it's easier and quicker. You never do it in one sitting and i usually do mine watching tv over a few evenings. I am still in contact with my consultant and can make an appt if I need to.

I hope that helps and i'm sure the old hands will be able to give you more pearls of wisdom

Docs Locs said...

I can't imagine maintaining my own locs, but recently began to appreciated the option to retighten my edges and the few that grow faster on the crown of my head. You might want to see your consultant once or twice a year.

dewdrop said...

For the first 6 months I went to consultant and after that I became a DIYer ever since with no regrets. At first I was slow with retightening but now i'm much faster and I find that using the NL tool is much easier than the latch hook. I also tighten every 4 weeks as opposed to 6 like I did initially because my hair grows quickly and it took longer if I waited longer than 4 weeks.

My routine is to do 1/2 my head one day and then the other 1/2 the next day so i'll finish within a total of 6 hours or so broken up.