Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The decision

I woke up one day and fell in love w/ myself. We say we love ourselves, but do you remember the moment you fell in love w/ yourself. For me it was February 2004 in Philadelphia, PA @ about 2:00 in the AM, sitting in a braid shop on south street. Even though I had "kinky" hair added in to give me the look of nappy twist, that moment when i saw myself...that way... did something to me. From that point I realized I never wanted to chemically treat my hair again. I wanted me in the most natural state. Thus, the journey began.


Nickie said...

LOVE this post. Its has a sort of poetic air about it thats soothing. It makes me drift back to when I fell in love with Me(August, 2007) and even further back to when I fell in love with locs ( I was 16 so that was like '98). May I add a link from my page to yours? I love your blog so far and plan on visiting frequently.

~happi2bnappi~ said...

Please do Nickie, sorry for the late response. I will add you to my blog as well. I plan on adding some of my poetry in the near future.